Industrial-Strength Protection for Woodworkers

With its groundbreaking design, superior technology and industry-leading safety ratings, eCAPR is perfect for any woodworker. The advanced particle filtration system prevents irritating dust from harming your face and lungs so you can stay focused.

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When the going gets tough, eCAPR is even tougher

Breathing in fine dust wood particles and obstructed vision are common challenges that endanger the safety of woodworking craftsmen. eCAPR’s cuff, impact lens and hard hat capabilities shield your head, eyes, lungs and face to ensure maximum protection while keeping you comfortable to perform your tasks with ease.

Easy mobility between workstations

Unlike traditional PAPRs with cumbersome breath tubes and bulky, back-mounted blower units, eCAPR is lightweight and comfortable. Its unique hose-free design allows for a wide range of motion, making maneuvering around obstacles in any work area natural and safe. With its many benefits, the eCAPR is an essential for woodworker safety.

Airborne particle filtering

eCAPR carries the NIOSH HE approval which is the highest for a NIOSH Loose Fitting PAPR. eCAPR also fully meets the OSHA criteria for the Highest Protection, APF of 1,000, for this class of respirator. eCAPR Systems provide the fullest range of coverage, making them the ideal choice for woodworkers who want to protect their lungs, eyes, head, and long-term health.

Crystal-clear vision

As any woodworker knows, the devil is in the details. eCAPR’s innovative design ensures you have a crystal-clear, wide field of vision with no lens fogging. Enjoy ultimate protection you can rely on while performing precision carpentry and detailed woodwork.

Recommended Complete Systems

This section features recommended systems for different woodworking applications. Cuff and Hard Hat systems are recommended for general use. Shroud systems provide additional coverage in the neck and shoulder areas.

Right out of the box, this thing screams quality. Plenty of airflow, fits like a glove, and feels less confining than other brands. I have tried other helmets from other manufacturers, but this is my go-to.

Steven Romo