Complete Respiratory Protection for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis cultivation is a challenging field, but protecting your respiratory health shouldn’t have to be. Introducing the MAXAIR eCAPR, a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) that offers unparalleled protection for cannabis workers.

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Make breathing a breeze

One of the biggest concerns for cannabis workers is the strong smell of the plants, which can be overwhelming and lead to breathing irritation. The frequent use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides can also pose serious health risks if inhaled. eCAPR's advanced technology effectively filters out the cannabis odor and dangerous airborne contaminants, ensuring you can work comfortably and safely.

The gold standard of safety

Cannabis cultivation requires maintaining extremely moist growing conditions which can lead to mold and other respiratory hazards. eCAPR's 2167-10 XP Particulate Filter Cartridge is NIOSH HE approved High Efficiency, the highest rating for a loose-fitting PAPR. It effectively filters out mold spores and other harmful particles, ensuring each breath you take is clean air.

Full 360-degree head and neck protection

Beyond air quality, ease of movement in greenhouses and tight growing facilities is also a concern. eCAPR's revolutionary headgear system offers full 360-degree head and neck protection that’s lightweight and compact. Without the additional weight of a hose or many traditional PAPR models, you have the freedom to perform your tasks efficiently.

The smart and sustainable choice

Unlike N95 masks which require frequent replacement, eCAPR can be reused and has an adjustable helmet that eliminates the need for fit-testing. This not only saves money in the long run but also reduces waste while meeting stringent safety standards. Ditch disposable alternatives and opt for eCAPR's sustainable solution.

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Elevate your respiratory protection with eCAPR, the safest bet for cannabis workers and other regulated fields.