The next generation of safety has arrived. Introducing eCAPR, a state-of-the-art powered air purifying respirator (PAPR).

eCAPR is the unrivaled choice for industrial respiratory, particulate and contact protection. Experience maximum comfort, convenience and mobility like never before.

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Protection that Works as Hard as You Do

Dealing with harmful airborne particulates requires superior protection that stands the test of time. eCAPR is the premier solution for safeguarding your lungs and long-term health. Its High Efficiency PAPR HE NIOSH approval is the highest for loose fitting PAPRs, and its unique Safety LED heads up display ensures you know you have safe, clean airflow and enough battery run time to finish your activities.

Comfort for All Day Use

eCAPR stands apart from other PAPRs in its class due to its unique integrated helmet design. This compact and comfortable system provides clean, refreshing air as you work.

Safety and Mobility: Anytime, Anywhere

eCAPR’s advanced integrated helmet design eliminated the need for a cumbersome air hose and conventional bulky waist/back-mounted blower unit. This provides significant safety, convenience, and comfort advantages in mobility for all activities, even as simple as sitting normally in a chair.

Watch eCAPR in Action

Right out of the box, this thing screams quality. Plenty of airflow, fits like a glove, and feels less confining than other brands. I have tried other helmets from other manufacturers, but this is my go-to.

Steven Romo

eCAPR is a Breath of Fresh Air – Literally

This top-tier powered air purifying respirator takes comfort and safety to a whole new level.

  • Safe, Comfortable & Convenient

    eCAPR is a face shield, respirator and head protection built into one compact, lightweight helmet. Best of all, it comes with the prestigious PAPR HE Class NIOSH approval, with no fit testing required. eCAPR can be easily cleaned and reused making it not only higher protection but more cost effective over its lifetime.

  • Hose-Free

    Working while attached to a hose is cumbersome and can result in safety, mobility, and comfort issues. eCAPR incorporates 19 years of user-backed research and development built into a unique hose-free and separate blower-free PAPR.

  • Lightweight and Versatile

    You do enough heavy lifting, so why add more weight? Lightweight and compact, eCAPR is ideal for extended use and both low and high levels of activity. It also has many configurations to fit your needs and the tasks at hand.

  • Heads-Up Visual Display

    Some of the most critical safety features of any PAPR are its status indicators. The eCAPR air flow and battery run-time indicators are integrated into the helmet for easy reference. The Heads-Up Display is always on and visible discreetly in your upper peripheral vision.

Safety Every Industry Can Count On

eCAPR delivers the highest levels of protection together with optimum comfort, convenience, mobility, and cost effectiveness. Individuals and teams across every industry are breathing easier, thanks to MAXAIR’s eCAPR.
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How eCAPR Works

Filter Cover Cap (FCC)

The Filter Cover Cap protects the Filter for Cuff and Shroud systems. The hard hat is an alternative when head impact protection is desired. For Hood systems, the Hood Filter may be covered by a High Fluid Resistance Filter Cover Cap.

eCAPR Systems

eCAPR Complete Systems are made from a Base System plus peripherals, plus disposables (Head Covers), and optional accessories.

Each Base System consists of a Helmet assembly, a battery of choice, a belt of choice, and a charger of choice.

No Hose, No Back Mounted Motor-Blower Unit

The MAXAIR integrated Helmet places the motor-fan, filter, and all electronics in the Helmet. This eliminates the two most disliked components of most conventionally designed PAPRs.

- There is no long, cumbersome air tube (hose)

  • Eliminates chances of getting caught on nearby objects
  • Eliminates costly time consuming cleaning

- There is no bulky waist/back-mounted blower unit

  • Eliminates awkwardness working in tight spaces
  • Eliminates difficulty sitting in a chair and operating vehicles

MAXAIR's Advanced Design Advantages include:

  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Maneuverability
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Cost Effectiveness

Where The Airflow Comes From

Toxic Air (1- Red Arrows) is pulled by the Motor (2) in under the FCC (3, or in through the Hood top, not shown)

The Toxic Air is then filtered to Clean Air (4- Green Arrows) as the Motor pulls it through the Filter (5).

After passing down through the blower the Clean Air moves through the Laminar Flow area (6), through the front Air Diffusers (7), and gently down between the Lens and face (8).

Simple, Comfortable, Safe

  • Diffused, clean, cooling air passes down around the wearers' face
  • CO2 exhausted automatically
  • Lens defogged by airflow automatically
  • Eliminates awkwardness working in tight spaces
  • Eliminates costly time consuming cleaning

MAXAIR CAPR vs. Conventional PAPR

When it comes to safety and comfort, eCAPR is the top choice.

eCAPR Conventional PAPRs
Compact design (No Hose; No Waist Mounted Blower Unit) ×
Visual Safety Alertys Always On & Visible ×
No fit testing necessary
Maximum protection with ease of mobility ×
Create a complete custom outfit
Eliminates fogging for clear vision
Versatile Cuff, Shroud, Hood, Hard Hat ×
NIOSH appproved

All MAXAIR® NIOSH Approvals are held by and are in the name of Syntech International, Inc., the exclusive MAXAIR manufacturer.

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Put Your Safety First

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