The Most Innovative PAPR for Landscapers

eCAPR’s groundbreaking design provides the highest quality of respiratory protection in one easy-to-use, versatile system. Perform work in the field with an advanced filtration system that is NIOSH-approved, meets rigorous OSHA standards and provides superior protection to safeguard workers against contaminated air.

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Built for All-Day Performance

With regular exposure to pollen, dust and debris, landscaping professionals are constantly at risk from airborne toxins that are harmful to their health. eCAPR is the great solution for those who need enhanced respiratory protection to stay safe on the job and protect long-term health.

The numbers speak for themselves

With almost two decades in the safety industry, MAXAIR’s research and design process walks its talk. eCAPR’s 2167-10 XP Particulate Filter Cartridge meets the highest recognized ratings for a loose-fitting PAPR with an APF of 1,000 and NIOSH HE approved High Efficiency.

Full 360° head & neck protection, without the bulk

Ditch the bulky and uncomfortable helmets that weigh you down on the job. eCAPR’s revolutionary protective headgear system is designed for both safety and comfort. It’s lightweight with an airy fit, without sacrificing airborne contaminant filtration. Plus, eCAPR’s innovative positive pressure airflow keeps your lens fog-free so you can have a clear line of vision, even in warm or humid environments.

A breath of fresh air

eCAPR is easy to use, store and clean, already making it leagues ahead of disposable PPE alternatives like N95s that require constant replacement. This one-size-fits-all product eliminates fit-testing and environmental waste, a huge advantage for employers who want compliant PPE that saves costs over time, without the hassle.

If you're looking for peace of mind with your PPE needs, you’re sure to find it in the MAXAIR eCAPR.

Recommended Complete Systems

This section features recommended systems for different landscaping applications. Cuff and Hard Hat systems are recommended for general use. Shroud systems provide additional coverage in the neck and shoulder areas.