World-Class Protection for Powder Coating

eCAPR is a gamechanger in the world of respiratory protection for powder coating professionals. This powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) combines advanced filtration technology with a versatile, easy-to-use design. Both NIOSH-approved and in compliance with OSHA standards, eCAPR ensures the highest level of protection against contaminated air and the potential health risks associated with powder coating.

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Sophisticated Design, Simple Application

Long-term exposure to harmful powders and particles without appropriate PPE can lead to respiratory issues such as asthma and chronic bronchitis if inhaled. The sophisticated technology of eCAPR keeps you safe on the job and safeguards you from airborne contaminants that endanger your health.

Prioritizing your safety in every detail

The eCAPR's 2167-10 XP Particulate Filter Cartridge is one of the best in the market. It has received the highest ratings for a loose-fitting PAPR with an APF of 1,000 and NIOSH HE approved High Efficiency. eCAPR's Hood System provides complete respiratory, head, and neck protection for powder coating professionals.

Technology that’s made to move

Many traditional PAPR models are bulky and inconvenient for tasks that require more movement. eCAPR's revolutionary protective headgear system offers full 360-degree head and neck protection, without the additional weight. It's airy and comfortable to wear, while providing complete and clean air filtration.

Cost-effective and compliant

When it comes to maintenance, storage and usage, eCAPR is the clear winner against N95s which need frequent replacement. The adjustable helmet eliminates the need for fit-testing while also reducing environmental waste from its ability to be reused. Both cost-effective over time and compliant with rigorous safety standards, it is the obvious choice over disposable PPE alternatives.

Recommended Complete Systems

Experience unparalleled protection with the MAXAIR eCAPR, the unrivaled solution for your respiratory filtration needs.