Safety Every Industry Can Count On

eCAPR delivers the highest levels of protection together with optimum comfort, convenience, mobility, and cost effectiveness. Individuals and teams across every industry are breathing easier, thanks to MAXAIR’s eCAPR.

  • Woodworking

    eCAPR shields woodworkers from particulate hazards to eyes and lungs so they can perform detailed carpentry with confidence.

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  • Powder Coating

    eCAPR was made to meet the challenges faced by Powder Coaters. eCAPR provides respiratory protection for the continual breathing in of dust particles that can be hazardous to breathing passages and eyes. eCAPR's unique NO-Hose, NO-back blower unit allow the mobility to nimbly manuever between and around objects.

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  • Landscaping

    eCAPR’s leading technology provides landscapers protection against airborne particulates as well as head and eye impact protection while providing clear, full field of view fog-free vision to accomplish their tasks.

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  • Cannabis

    eCAPR Cuff and Shroud complete systems directly address cannabis workers' exposure to dusts from trimming and chopping the plants, and from the mold that can be found on plant materials and containers.

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  • Agriculture

    eCAPR configurations are versatile to provide various levels of protection to those involved in the many segments of the agricultural industry, from crop harvesting to animal processing.

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  • Restoration

    eCAPR's NIOSH HE filter efficiency and high protection factor combined with its NO-Hose/NO-back blower unit provide the protection and mobility that many restoration projects require.

  • Asbestos/Mold

    eCAPR can provide protection from airborne particulates originating from asbestos and mold spores found in a number of environments. Asbestos may cause health complications as heart disease and mesothelioma, whereas exposure to mold is associated with flu and allergy like symptoms.

  • Materials

    eCAPR provides respiratory as well as head and face impact protection for workers throughout the materials processing and handling industries. The unique integrated helmet eliminates need for a breathing tube and back/waist mounted blower unit and makes operating mobile equipment as comfortable as "if you weren't wearing it".

  • Food Processing

    eCAPR's High Efficiency and Protection Factor can reduce the concern of food processing facility airborne contaminants as dust, bacteria, mold, and yeast.

  • Ore Mining

    eCAPR is a Particulate Filtering PAPR. Surface ore mining is associated with potentially harmful airborne particulates as respirable silica dust.

  • Paper/Pulp

    Breathing paper dust has been reported to be related to increased instances of bronchitis, allergic reactions, migraines, bacterial infections, conjunctivitis and sore throats. eCAPR filters dust particulates and may significantly reduce working absenteeism and operational costs.

  • Textiles

    eCAPR is a high performance NIOSH approved particulate filtering PAPR that can provide effective filtration of respirable dust particulates for textile workers.