Trusted Protection for Agriculture Workers

eCAPR’s cutting-edge technology provides agricultural workers with maximum respiratory protection from all airborne particulate contaminants. Its advanced filtration system is NIOSH HE (High Efficiency) approved and meets OSHA's High APF (1,000) criteria, making it the perfect choice for use in hazardous environments.

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Your work shouldn’t cost you your health

It’s no secret that those who work in agriculture are exposed to harmful particulate contaminants, day in and day out. Your health must be a priority, especially in such a high-risk industry. eCAPR — the result of over two decades worth of research and product development — ensures that your safety always comes first.

Safety in numbers

When we say superior protection, we mean it. eCAPR’s 2167-10 XP Particulate Filter Cartridge meets the highest recognized ratings for a loose-fitting PAPR with an APF of 1,000 and NIOSH HE approved High Efficiency.

Lightweight for long work periods

eCAPR's lightweight design and adjustable helmet make it easy to wear for long periods of time, even in hot and humid conditions. eCAPR's positive pressure airflow automatically maintains a fog-free lens, makes breathing easier, removes exhaled CO2 and eliminates any heat buildup within the face seal. It’s designed for use in a variety of agricultural settings, including greenhouses, livestock barns and crop storage facilities.

Clean, fresh air filtration

eCAPR filters harmful airborne particulates and provides a comfortable stream of clean air with a cooling effect. eCAPR can provide a comfortable and safe working condition for any agricultural activity, indoors or outdoors.

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