eCAPR Complete System options to meet your specific needs

eCAPR Complete Systems are made up of a Base System, necessary peripherals depending on the Base System, Disposables, and optional Accessories.

There are three groups of Complete Systems;

Cuff and Shroud


Hard Hat Cuff and Shroud

eCAPR Complete Systems Quick Setup Trees

eCAPR Cuff and Shroud Complete Systems

Cuff systems are the most frequently used configurations; they provide excellent respiratory protection most cost effectively:

  • NIOSH HE Efficiency
  • High Protection Factor, APF = 25 (Highest OSHA allowed PAPR APF for Cuff configurations)
  • Full face, eyes, nose, mouth, protection

Shroud systems add extra protection, with very good cost effectiveness as filters may be reused.

  • NIOSH HE Efficiency
  • HAPF (1000)
  • Full 360-degree contact protection.

eCAPR Hood Complete Systems

eCAPR Hood Systems Provide high protection levels and full 360-degree contact protection in a single-piece disposable design. The integrated filter delivers HAPF (1000) performance. The single piece design simplifies donning and doffing and minimizes self-contamination during doffing.

  • NIOSH HE Efficiency
  • HAPF (1000)
  • Full 360 degree head protection
  • Single piece integrated filter/shroud

eCAPR Hard Hat Cuff and Shroud Complete Systems

eCAPR Hard Hat Systems deliver:

  • NIOSH HE efficiency respiratory protection
  • ANSI/ISEA Z98.1-2014 Type 1, Class G&C Head Impact Protection
  • ANSI Z87.1 Face Impact Protection
  • High Protection Factor
    • APF = 25 for Cuffs
    • APF =1000 for Shrouds